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Pinardville is located in Goffstown, NH and the western edge of Manchester NH
The Pinardville area runs from the intersection of Mast Road and Rockland Ave to the intersection of Route 114 and Mast Road

Goffstown is named after Col. John Goffe, early settler, soldier and civic leader
Goffstown Incorporated June 17, 1761
Goffstown consists of 37 square miles
Located in Hillsborough County
The 43rd parallel of latitude crosses the town a little north of the north Uncanoonuc Mountain. The longitude is 71º 35'.

1950, 5,635
1960, 7,230
1970, 9,115
1980, 11,319
1990, 14,949
2000, 16,929 ranked 14th highest in the state
2010,  17,651 ranked 14th highest in the state

Kelley Falls 160' above sea level
Bartlett School 240' above sea level
Mt. Uncanoonuc (So) 1321' above sea level


Edmond Pinard
Born on February 27, 1857 in St. Monique, Quebec
Came to Manchester in 1873,
Opened a market on Elm Street a few  years later until 1929
Married Henriette Daigle November 26, 1883 at Ste Maries Church
Died December 13, 1933 buried St. Augustine cemetery

Home on the left is on Davignon Street, home on the right was built for Alfred Levesque on the corner of Pinard & Edmond Street

Pinardville partially located in west Manchester and partially in Goffstown, came to be because of Edmond Pinard.  Mr. Pinard a grocer by trade, developed the entire area bearing his name.  Many of the streets in the area are named after family members, Henriette Street was named after his wife Henriette Daigle Pinard, Theophile after his father and Agnes named after his mother.  In the early 1900's Mr Pinard donated 12 lots of land for St. Edmonds church and school to be built on.  The first church was built in September 1911.

St. Edmonds Church / School 1911 - 1979

Former St. Edmonds custodians house corner of Edmond and Pinard Streets

St. Edmonds School February 1960

St. Edmonds Rectory February 1960


Click here for a look at 
Saint Edmond Graduates


Pinardville wasn't always easy to get to, it wasn't until 1914 that the Kelley Street Bridge (Biron Bridge) was built.  The bridge a center of controversy for years met much opposition, Mr. Pinard waived claim to land damages necessary to laying out Pinard Street however landowners on the east side of the river wanted nothing to do with it, construction had already begun when land acquisition problems forced engineers to redirect the bridge creating a 20 degree angle midspan.  Because of this angle the bridge was once included in a Ripley Believe It or Not cartoon.

Kelley's Falls and Kelley Street were named after Moses Kelley. Kelley a Goffstown resident and community leader list as his credits selectman, sheriff, town moderator  and local tavern owner. Kelley was a delegate to county congress during the Revolutionary War, during which he attained the rank of Colonel. His home is said to be one of the oldest in Pinardville, still stands at the intersection of Mast Road and Fairview Street. Kelley's Tavern was located at the corner of Mast Road and Libby Street, it was here in the early days of the Revolutionary War rendezvous for the patriots or Sons of Liberty took place.

nobridge1.gif (200496 bytes) kelleybridge.jpg (79210 bytes)

Current bridge owned by the City of Manchester
Built 1973
900 feet long
Deck replacement completed 2011

Pictures from the past.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Special Thanks to the people who have given me pictures over the years
Jeanne Levesque, The Genest family, Dick Gagnon, Ed Forcier, Lorraine Mason,
O. R. Cummings, Eva Pellerin, Wilfred Cloutier, Dan Tellier,
Goffstown Historical Society
Manchester Historical Society

Do you remember ?

Kelley Falls Dam being built in 1915 replacing the previous dam built in 1891
kellydam.jpg (27849 bytes)

The Kelley's Falls Trestle (le Pont Rouge) before September 1941.

The Kelley's Falls Trestle September 1, 1941 on fire.
 treslte9-1-41.gif (283643 bytes)

Squire Towel, Apron and Coat Supply ?

The limit ?
Located in front of King Lanes notice the Atlantic Pacific store in the background now Cotes Diner
trolley.gif (169174 bytes)

Eva's Hot Dogs and Hamburgers ?
evas.gif (98116 bytes)

Leo's Texaco ?

Pinboys at King Lanes ?
king1939.gif (88031 bytes)

Getting new shoes at Mast Road Boot Shop ?

A J Levesque's Store ?
ajlevesque.jpg (12360 bytes)
 Operated by Alfred J Levesque from 1906 - 1935.
Built in 1906 by Edmond Pinard to support the needs of the families buying his building lots.

Cloutier's TV

Cloutier's Market ?
cloutier.jpg (14387 bytes)

Gagnon's Hardware ?
gagnons.jpg (12435 bytes)

Richard's Pharmacy ?

Roy's Meat Market ?
roysmeats.jpg (14541 bytes)

The Blue Lunch ?
bluelunch.gif (105176 bytes)

Y D Garage ?

Mast Road Grain and Building Materials 1935.

Pinardville Boys Club

Fern's Cafe ?

Peanuts Pub ?

Cote's Gift Shop?

Roland's Restaurant ?

Roland's Restaurant Grand Opening.pdf

The car barn ?
carbarn.gif (98440 bytes)

Klamland and Kreamland?

Flavortown ?

The Red Garter ?


Golden Acres onion rings ?

Lemons Market ?
The picture on the right was taken in 1963 at this time it had just been purchased by the Genest family, if you look in the left window you will see Bi-Wise
lemons.jpg (13260 bytes)lemons2.jpg (18342 bytes)

Bi Wise Grand Opening.pdf

Lemon's Oil & Ice

Bi Wise ?
biwise.jpg (12083 bytes)

Rocky's Barber Shop ?

Did you ever buy gas or ice cream here? 
Formerly Shirley Hill Road which is now 12 St. Anselm Drive.

The original Pinardville Firehouse

Skating at the Pinardville skating rink behind the firehouse.

Happy House Pizza ?
happyh.gif (129684 bytes)

 Twin Press in its early years now Liberty Press

Chap's Superette ?
chaps.jpg (11792 bytes)

Daddy's Treat ?

Don's Toy House ?
donstoy.jpg (23334 bytes)

Libbey Farm also known as Battery Farm?

Libbey Farm also known as Battery Farm located at the corner of Mast Road and Libbey Street.
This site is also thought to be the location of Moses Kelley's Tavern.
It was here in the early day's of the Revolutionary War that  the Patriots or Sons of Liberty would meet to discuss communications from Boston and await military orders.
April 28, 1916 the State of NH leased property from Horatio Libbey to be used as an encampment for the 1st NH Battery. 
A detachment of men were stationed here in anticipation of trouble between the US and Mexico. On October 13, 1916 they left for the border  and were stationed in Texas until their return to New Hampshire March 11, 1917


Goudreau's Poultry Farm

Slot Car Racing in Pinardville ?

The Open Air Market ?

Trolleys ?
trolley2.gif (126977 bytes)
(this picture was taken April 28, 1936)

The old Bartlett School
bartlett.jpg (23471 bytes)

Swimming pool located in the park across from Bartlett School

Moquin's Gas Station, now Johnny's Exon
Notice the street in the background of the center picture this is Warren Ave., the houses you see are still there.
The picture on the right shows Simone Moquin pumping gas.
  moquins.gif (178445 bytes)


Bartlett's Corner?

Ice Harvesting on Mystic Pond?

The original Ice house was built further back on the property in 1903 by Walter Plumer, destroyed by fire in 1941.

Important dates in Pinardville history.


1831 Mast Road School #5 located in the vicinity of Mast Road and what is now Lynchville Park Road

1835 John Plummer School District #14 formed, school house built on the corner of Shirley Hill Road now St. Anselm Drive and College Avenue.

1857  February 27, Edmond Pinard is born  to Theophile Pinard and Agnes Leblanc Pinard in St. Monique, Quebec.   

1876 Plummer School also called Worthley sold and moved further up St. Anselm Drive, second house after the college.

1889 Erection of St. Anselm College.

1890 Union Electric Company erects a dam and power house at Kelley’s falls

1900 July 24, 10:57am Manchester street railway extended to Goffstown Village.

1900 – 1901 Carhouse constructed to house trolleys, on east side of Mast Road near Roy Street.

1905 May 1, Mast Road School #5 moved next to the current location of Bartlett School from the corner of Mast Road and Lynchville Park Road.

1906 June 1,  Edmond Pinard files plans with the registry laying out the streets of Pinardville.

1906 Edmond Pinard built a store at the corner of Mast Road and Pinard Street to service the people who purchased his building lots.

1911 September, first St. Edmonds Church / School building built on property donated by Edmond Pinard.

1914 Kelley’s Falls Bridge built. Because of opposition to the bridge by people on the east side of the river, a 20 degree elbow was added midspan.

1915 Another attempt to disannex Pinardville from Goffstown with bill introduced to legislature with little support, never came to vote.

1916 April 28, The State of New Hampshire leases land from Horatio Libbey to be used as an encampment for the 1st NH Battery.

1922 September 12, George Bartlett School opened.

1929 March 24, Goffstown residents John Elder and Napoleon Derome died when their car plunged off of the Kelley Street Bridge

1929 First St. Edmonds Church / School built 1911 enlarged.

1931 October 28, Manchester School Teacher, Goffstown resident Bertha Marden car plunged 80 feet off of Kelley Street bridge and survives.

1933 December 13, developer of Pinardville, Edmond Pinard of 101 Pearl Street Manchester dies, buried in St Augustine Cemetery.

1934 Adult evening classes instituted at Bartlett School.

1938 January 8, The last day the trolleys run in Goffstown.

1938 January 9, Public Service Co. buses start operation.

1939 November 28, Hebert family opens King Bowling Lanes

1941 September 1, The Covered Railroad Bridge (le Pont Rouge) over Kelley’s Falls burns falling into the river.

1944 Pinardville Fire Department building erected and equipped by Pinardville residents.

1949 Original Kelley Street bridge closes in order to straighten out the angle

1949-1950 Voted $171,000.00 for construction of sewer in Pinardville.

1950 Traffic light installed at the intersection of Mast Road and Pinard Street at a cost of $990.00

1950 St. Edmonds Church (Shilo) built at a cost of $150,000.00.

1950 April, Capt. Roger Bernard Post #1699 (C.W.V.) established. Promotes Catholic youth activities in Pinardville.

1951 All houses and lots in Pinardville numbered

1951 Land and equipment purchased for new supervised playground in Pinardville. Located on Mast Road across from Bartlett School.

1951 Kelley’s Falls Bridge renamed in honor of Dentist Nazaire Biron for his efforts in getting the bridge built.

1953 April 18, Pinardville Lions Club chartered.

1953 Bartlett Mothers Club formed.

1960 St. Edmonds Convent built along with four classrooms.  Located on the northwest corner of Henriette Street and Edmond Street.

1963 Bartlett School enlarged.

1963 Mike & Martha Genest open Bi-Wise market

1965 Route 114 By-pass completed

1968 Roy Park, shelter and 3 tennis courts built.

1969 New Pinardville Fire Station built.

1969  Roy Park,  ball field and kiddie play area built, swimming pool built with financial help from Pinardville Lions Club and the Catholic War Veterans.

1971 February, Pinardville Boys Club opens.

1973 June 15, St. Edmonds School closes.

1974 Kelley Street (Biron) Bridge torn down and rebuilt

1979  February 19, Fire at Mast Road Grain and Building Supplies.

1979 Fire at Panchovilla Restaurant, located where McDonalds is today.

1979 First St. Edmond Church / School razed.

1985 Pinardville Boys Club closes.

1993 February, town dump located on Laurier Street in Pinardville closes

2002 September, St. Edmonds Church closes.

2006 Pinardville 100 Years old

2008 July 11, The body of water above the Kelley Falls Dam officially named Namaske Lake by the state legislature

2011 Biron Bridge concrete deck replaced

2013 August, Shaw's closes


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