Street Names

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We drive on them every day do you ever think about how they got there names.

Agnes Street - Edmond Pinards mother Agnes

Amoskeag - "Amoskeag" is derived from the Penacook word "Namoskeag" which means "the great fishing place"

Bartlett School -

Biron Street - Nazaire Biron Manchester alderman led the fight for construction of the Kelley Street Bridge later named Biron Bridge

Edmond Street - Edmond Pinard developer

Foch Street - Ferdinand Foche 1851-1929 Served as Allied Supreme Commander in 1918

Haig Street - Douglas Haig 1861 - 1928 Commander in Chief of the British Expeditionary Force

Henriette Street - Named after Edmond Pinards wife Henriette Daigle

Joffre Street - Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre 1852 -1931 French Army Officer

Kelley Street & Kelley Falls - Named after Moses Kelley, Goffstown political figure and patriot

Mast Road - Large pine tree's destined to be the mast of ships for the king were hauled down this path now Goffstown's main thoroughfare

Namaske Lake - Namaske means a fishing place

Pershing Street - John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing 1860 - 1948 General of the Armies of the United States

Petain Street - Henri - Philippe Petain 1856 - 1951 French Army Commander

Pinard Street - Edmond Pinard developer

Pinardville - Area of West Manchester and Goffstown developed by Edmond Pinard

Piscataquog - great deer place

Rock Rimmon - It is named for Rimmon, the sister of Mineola. Rimmon secretly and madly loved her sisters husband Wonalancet.
Rimmon learned Wonalancet had no intentions of changing his domestic arrangements and threw herself from the gigantic rock.

Roy Park -

Theophile Street - Edmond Pinards father Theophile